Vanward Statistics, Stratford, Iowa
September 2013 to present

Provide expert statistical advice; support research; and find and present data.

Vanward Statistical Consulting, Stratford, Iowa
September 2010 to August 2013 (originally started in November 1994, restarted in 2010)

Started own statistical consulting business. Worked with students preparing dissertations. Did pro bono work for nonprofit organizations, with the work mostly being related to surveys or astrology. Located data and did a variety of research on subjects that interest me. Wrote papers on astrology and other subjects and gave presentations.

Iowa Central Community College, Fort Dodge, Iowa
January 2008 to December 2008
Adjunct Faculty - part time

Taught an introductory statistics class in spring and fall.

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
May 2000
July 1999 to November 1999
April 1998 to April 1999 Post Doctoral Research Associate - part time

Programmed in SAS, working with the 1992 and the 1997 National Resources Inventory data, preparing the data for public consumption. Also, notated and wrote descriptions of existing programs. Worked as member of a team, to run a series of computer programs, putting the different states through the data preparation necessary before giving the data to the public.

October 1997 to December 1997
Tutor - part time

Worked for the university tutoring office, tutoring students taking undergraduate statistics courses.

September 1992 to April 1994
Research Assistant - part time

Programmed for an approximately 600,000 point imputation into the 1987 National Resources Inventory, using SAS. Also worked with a variance estimator for random imputation, that I had developed as part of my dissertation research, using SAS and PC Carp. Wrote a description of my program, and supervised the work of one graduate student.

August 1991 to July 1992
Graduate Assistant - Research - part time

Developed a theory for variance estimation under random imputation. Analyzed data from the 1987 and 1992 National Resources Inventories, in preparation for the variance estimation. Wrote description of the data set and imputation procedure for the manual published with the data. Supervised the work of one graduate student. Prepared reports on the progress of the work and presented them. Was principal author on a paper published on the variance estimation theory.

August 1986 to December 1990
Graduate Assistant - Teaching - part time

Was laboratory instructor for several undergraduate courses. Worked with students, prepared and gave short lectures, and graded papers. Courses ranged from introductory statistics courses to the advanced courses taken by economics and sociology graduate students.

August 1983 to December 1985
Graduate Assistant - Teaching and Research - part time

Was a laboratory instructor for some undergraduate statistics courses. Worked with the Nuclear Engineering Department on research to improve detector placement in a nuclear reactor. Was co-author on a paper published from the research.

Aldrich Land Surveying, Grimes, Iowa
June 1999 to July 1999

Worked on survey crew, running the rod and prism poles and pounding hubs and lath.

Limagrain Genetics Research, Stratford, Iowa
September 1996 to November 1996

Pulled soybean plants by hand, threshed plants individually, and packaged seed, keeping track of which seed came from which group of plants. Worked as part of a team.

Oscar Mayer, Perry, Iowa
June 1984 to August 1984
Statistical Consultant

Developed a method for sampling workers' work and modeled the results statistically. Created a computer program to analyze data derived from sampling a worker's output, for workers working at key positions in the slaughter house.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
February 1981 to July 1983
Research Associate

Worked in an aerosol laboratory, doing basic research on the health effects on living beings of burning coal. Ran experiments, operated and maintained many different scientific instruments; wrote computer programs to analyze data and, for one instrument, to interact between the computer and the instrument; built equipment; kept laboratory notes. Was co-author of a paper published on the research.

Aerodyne Research, Inc., Bedford, Massachusetts
March 1979 to November 1980
Research Assistant

Worked for a defense think tank. Modeled three dimensional problems on a computer and a plotter. Ran computer programs after doing the research to set up the inputs. Did research for and wrote a paper, with another person. The paper was published in a classified journal.

Previous Employment

Before working for Aerodyne, worked as an technical person in land survey, engineering, and scientific research. Also, worked cutting drapes, pulling stock, packaging vitamins, tooling machine parts, cleaning berries coming in from the field, sticking labels on paper bags, picking strawberries, taking inventories, modeling, delivering coffee samples, grading papers, preparing salads, waitressing, cleaning an office, microfilming EEG's, grocery clerking, delivering phone books, and babysitting.

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