The USA is full of statistical consultants and many services are provided by these consultants. Type the keywords statistical consultant in USA and you will find a lot of consultancy services. Consultancy is a basic area of work for a professional statistician. Statistics professionals provide a range of services to clients, including statistical advice, analysis and training. Clients come from a wide variety of subject areas such as business, medicine, environmental services and government, but they all have one thing in common; they need to collect and analyze data to make evidence-based decisions.

There are many ways of being employed as a statistical consultant. You can work in a commercial statistical consultancy company, as a part of a university statistical unit or as a freelancer. The former two work in offices or universities but the freelancer works on his/her own and is self-employed.

Work of a Statistical Consultant –

These professionals are responsible for liaising with clients, delivering statistical analysis and research and for providing statistical training, advice and support. The start of a project will involve liaising with the client to define the scope of the project. The professional has to interact with the client in order to extract valuable information from him/her. The consultant performs advisory services if, when the client gets the required service, he/she can perform the rest of the tasks him/herself.

After making the client understand the process required to be carried out, it is necessary to write down a detailed proposal of the work including what data will be required, the methods that will be used, the deliverables and the timeline for completion. After the start of the project the professionals carry out the work in the agreed time frame.

Effective communication is an essential part of the role and a consultant must ensure that any client reports or presentations are clear, concise and intelligible and do not contain any unnecessary technical detail. Overall, the length of a project can vary significantly from anything between 1-2 days to many months. A Statistical Consultant in USA does the same thing as the other professionals but in a more specific way. Statistics consultancy providers in USA are more professional and specific than in other countries.

Statistical consultants often provide statistical analysis tailored specifically to the requirements of their clients. This means that the techniques used will often differ from one project to another (especially when working with clients from a variety of different sectors).

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