Statistical consulting is defined as the collaboration of a statistician with another professional for the purpose of devising solutions to research problems. Vanward Statistics is a company based in Iowa, US that provides statistical consulting services to not only its clients and customers but also to the general public, non-government organizations, etc. Basic functions of a statistical consulting provider are to:

  • Share expertise in quantitative research methods
  • Give help with methods and results section of dissertations, along with technical writing
  • Compare treatment means to determine which treatment is better
  • Determine risk of product &/or service pricing
  • Determine which customers to best target for product &/or service for maximum profit
  • Determine the appropriate sample size in order to conduct a study for reliability of measurements
  • Design and conduct surveys to improve customer &/or employee satisfaction
  • Provide bottom-line results through cost-benefit analysis, margin control, and customer lifetime values
  • Help to improve retention of existing customers &/or employees and to gain new customers &/or employees
  • Perform data mining of historical data and build predictive models to predict the future &/or estimate the present

Role of a statistical consultant:

  • Plan research
  • Model statistical problems and do analysis
  • Design surveys and sampling plans for survey sampling
  • Advise on the type of statistical analysis available for a particular problem and the required sources of information if client is unfamiliar with the methodology
  • Interpret results of an analysis
  • Inform on the appropriate computer package/program to apply to a particular problem
  • Present on statistical techniques to classes, faculty groups, administrators on request.

The strength of Vanward Statistics is in the education of the owner and in its expertise and experience in accessing and analyzing numerous national databases, including those of the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the White House, and US state databases. An additional strength of our services is our ability to conduct in-depth analyses on datasets using cutting-edge statistical technology. Our knowledge and skills, coupled with the company’s experience with presenting government data, gives insight into the workings of the government and economy. Any type of services provided by us would be of the highest quality and standards. Our business supports corporate, nonprofit, and academic, researchers in survey design, statistical analysis, and the reporting of efficient and accurate research. Our experienced statistical consultant strives to not only present you with accurate results, but to ensure that you understand the analytic techniques utilized to obtain those results. We are equipped to meet your research needs to ensure that your project is a success.

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