Data analysis is the process of systematically applying a statistical/ logical approach to describe and illustrate, abridge and evaluate data. When you consult someone for getting your data analyzed the whole process is termed as data analysis consulting and when provided as a service is known as data analysis consulting services. Structured, semi-structured and unstructured gives way to data analysis. Data analysis creates an internal business system using external sources like social media, market data, and syndicated research, which are creating tremendous opportunities to create insights. Data analysis can be used in various sectors, like population density checking, by using a small amount of data as a source of reference.

Data analytics have another way of representation known as visual analytics. This is a graphical way of representing data in a structured way. It has emerged as the fastest way to understand data and transform information into action. The combination of automated analysis technique with interactive visualization tools to effectively understand any complex data and further help in reasoning and taking right decisions basing on the datasets.

Before starting to analyze a set of data you need to prepare a dashboard. The four most effective practices before analyzing a set of data:

  • Connect to all the data - It is very critical to collect all the data that is relevant to take key business decisions. With today’s continued innovation, it’s no longer necessary to have all the data at one place. The new best practice is to access data wherever it residing, whether an on-premise warehouse or in the cloud.
  • Blend the data together – Blending multiple into one single, complete form needs to be carried out before work.
  • Choosing metrics and tools that are relevant – Be highly selective while choosing metrics and tools to contribute towards the objective.
  • Utilize better visualization - Visual representation is always preferred over spreadsheets and number based tables. Using multiple colors, type of visualizations will make the user understand the objective and share a complete picture.

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